Disneyland Ticket Books 1955 – 1982

The Disneyland Ticket Books appeared right after Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955. The first ticket books were prototypes that rapidly underwent several variations before the Globe Ticket Company printed the first tickets of Series One around October 1955.

Subsequent years saw removal and addition of attractions as well as the inclusion of D, and eventually, E tickets. Below is a quick review of 27 years of Disneyland ticket books. For more information on any series of booklet, click on its text or image.

Disneyland Ticket Book Prototypes (1955)

The first ticket books, printed shortly after opening day, were prototypes. In the few short weeks they existed, prior to the October 1955 release of the Series One Disneyland ticket books, these prototype tickets underwent several quick changes to the font styles and colors, inclusion of price, and print background.

From researching more than 20,000 ‘Disneyland ticket’, ‘Disneyland passport’, ‘Disneyland pass’, and ‘Disneyland admission’ auctions in the Worthpoint database, three of these Disneyland ticket prototypes have been discovered for sale in Ebay over the last 11 years (Worthpoint only goes back as far as 2006). Not surprisingly, these tickets are by far the most rare of all Disneyland tickets we have researched.


Disneyland Ticket Book First Series (1955 – 1956)

The most notable differences between Version A and Version B of the First Series are:

  • Version A only has 5 digits for the serial number whereas Version B and Version C have six digits.
  • Version A has a misalignment in the centering of the second line of attractions on each ticket whereas Version B and Version C have the second line of attractions corrected to be aligned in the center on each ticket (i.e. ‘Fantasyland’).
  • Version A and Version B included the Canal Boat ‘ride’ on the B Ticket for Fantasyland whereas the ‘Canal Boat’ doesn’t appear on Version C of the First Series as by this time it has been closed down (Canal Boats closed on  and did not reopen until  at which time they were renamed ). And then Version A is missing the Freight Train, but we can find the Freight Train on Version B and Version C. In summary, Version A has Canal Boats but no Freight Train, Version B has Canal Boats and Freight Train, and Version C has no Canal Boats but has Freight Train. These versions truly highlight how quickly these tickets (and the park for that matter) were changing in that first year of operation.

Version A (1955)


Version B (1955 – 1956)


Version C (1955)

Disneyland Ticket Book Second Series (1956)

The only

Version A (1956)

Version B (1956)

Disneyland Ticket Book Third Series (1956 – 1957)

Version A (1956)


Version B (1956 / Courtesy)

Note: D ticket is missing.

Version C (1956 – 1957)

Disneyland Ticket Book Fourth Series (1957 – 1959)

Version A (1957 – 1958)

Version B (1957 – 1958 / Jumbo)

Version C (1957 – 1958 / Jumbo Courtesy)

Version D (1958 – 1959)

Version E (1958 – 1959 / Free Ticket)

Disneyland Ticket Book Fifth Series (1960 – 1966)

From this point on, Globe Ticket Co. began using markers in the back cover to identify the year and month the ticket was printed. So now we drop the Version naming scheme and simply refer to ticket books from February 1960 and on simply by their Month and Year.

February 1960

June 1960

June 1963

October 1963

June 1965

Disneyland Ticket Book Sixth Series (1966 – 1982)

May 1967

May 1969

May 1970

September 1970

September 1972

April 1973

June 1974

June 1975

June 1976


September 1977


September 1978




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